Hello there!

Photo by Erika Kao

I’m Carolina! I was born in Colombia, but raised in Nicaragua, in Guatemala, in a suburb outside of Chicago, and then back in Guatemala.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. My first love was greeting cards and stationery, and I started making my own at age five. Then came animated cartoons—The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Tom & Jerry. In fourth grade, I wrote and illustrated my own sequel to The Little Fur Family(unauthorized and self-published; and by self-published I mean an edition of one, spiral-bound with a cover made ever so much fancier with clear contact-paper on top!).  

Spanish is my first language, but I grew up loving English. Now we have a kiddo whom we are raising bilingual, so I read in Spanish more than I ever did growing up! I am experimenting with bringing Spanish into my writing when I think it works for the story; and I'm toying with the idea of writing stories in Spanish too.

I feel lucky that teaching comes pretty easily to me. I've taught a wide range of people and ages: drawing and ceramics in college, art at a contemporary art museum, and currently, writing and reading in elementary school.

I live with my husband, our daughter and a sweet little goldfish named Larry in Seattle, Washington.